Friday, April 29, 2011


In novel we had to read chapter 11. After we were done reading chapter 11 we had to give the definition of Tennessee, canebrakes, blunt and congress. Here are 2 definitions of 2 words.:
Tennesssee- a southern state in the U.S.A below Kentucky.
Canebrakes- little growth of small trees. The stem of a plant, like bamboo.

And we had to answer some questions about this chapter. Here are 2 examples of the questions asked:
1. Why didn't the plantation owners want the slaves to read?
The plantation owners didn't want the slaves to read because the could escape to canada, read signs.
2.What happened to liza's dad when Massa found him looking at a book?
When Massa found him looking at a book he tied him to a tree and stripped him from waist down and gave him 50lashes.


  1. what are the definitions of blunt and congress?

  2. Do you like the novel? I find it very interesting.